Kitty Kasas isn’t your typical pet product company; the whole reason we exist is to help kitties in need. With over 20 years of experience running our own shelters and rescues, we have very literally dedicated our lives to the well-being of animals the world over. Our products, while beautiful and well-made, are really just a vehicle to further this mission and our philanthropic efforts. That means you can be happy in the knowledge that your kitty won’t be the only one that benefits from your purchase.

Kitty Kasas helps fund the awesome work of the ARNI foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the rescue of animals at local kill shelters, and the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and TNR cats. We also pick one shelter every month and help them completely renovate their kitty facilities, creating safe, fun, & durable spaces worthy of their wonderful little tenants. As we speak, we’re helping to build a brand new, state of the art cat shelter in Colorado. We’re gathering new partner companies all the time, and always pushing forward to expand the scope of our work--your Kitty Kasas purchase isn’t just making your little buddies’ lives better, it’s funding a movement to help their brothers and sisters all over the world.

All of our work with shelters actually gives our products a huge advantage. Along with over 20 years of experience with every kind of kitty you can imagine, we have unlimited, willing participants to test out our new toys. Not only do you get a product that’s built to last, you help build a better future for kitties everywhere. We’d call that a win/win!

  • If you'd like us to consider your organization for a Shelter Makeover, please fill out the online application. Note - you'll need your 501(c)3 ID, a copy of your 501c(3) Determination Letter, and a letter from your veterinarian attesting to the care provided by your organization.
  • If you’re inspired to get involved directly with our rescue efforts, contact us via the contact form below.