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Erin Says:

"I have 16 Kitty Kasas, and I truly do love them! I do a ton of fostering of cats and kittens, and I love the fact that I can just take the Kasas out in the yard to hose them off and disinfect them, and they look good as new. (I've even replaced the sisal on the ones with the scratching post, which was easy to do.) My cats really like them -- I even had one pregnant rescued kitty give birth in one! I also appreciate being able to rearrange them into different configurations or more them into different rooms.

Seriously. I adore them. Great product!"

Teresa Says:

"My Kitties love their Kitty Kasa!! It is a hideaway and has a soft and comfy bed inside! My kitties love it!

Thank you for making them!!!! They are wonderful! If you have any older ones or something you can sell cheap or donate I belong to a cat sanctuary and these would be wonderful for our senior kitties who live at the sanctuary! I am a volunteer and would love to get some for the kitties at the sanctuary!"

Angel Says:

"Definitely the best cat bed we've had so far! We got it in orange and keep it in the kids room where my daughter's cat spends most of her time. We actually put it next to my daughter's bed so it doubles as a nightstand - easy to do since you can stack them to any height. In the past we've used wicker beds which never look good after a little wear and tear and are hard to clean - especially if you have a cat like mine who occasionally vomits hairballs and food. The kitty kasa is very easy to clean - it's one piece with no gaps or grooves for dirt to get stuck it. Our cat also loves to sleep inside things so this is perfect for her. Honestly, even if I didn't have a cat I love the design & colors you can choose from so much that I would use it anyway".

Susan Says:

"Just wanted to say how much we (and the kitties) love our kitty kasas! They look fabulous, are easy to clean and the cats just love them. We have them in several rooms and not only do the cats love to climb on them, they like being able to snuggle up in them. They are excellent for small spaces and have allowed us to provide more usable cat space per square foot! We will definitely be back for more."

Susan Whittred, DVM
Patricia H. Ladew Foundation, Inc.
Vicki Says:

"Our rescue cat loves her Kitty Kasa. She feels safe and secure in her bedroom every night!"