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Pet Care Professional

Kitty Kasas Cubes Built for Pet Care Professionals

The Duro Line of Kitty Kasas Cubes are made especially for pet care professionals.
From petboarding businesses to animal shelters, pet professionals around the country love our products.

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Each Kitty Kasa Duro is made from a single piece of rugged Low-Density Polyethylene. This means they can take as much rough handling as even the largest, busiest shelters or boarding facilities can dish out! Toss them onto the pavement on cleaning day, blast them with a high-power hose – your Duros will suffer nothing more than a few scratches.

Seamless molded construction makes cleaning and disinfecting a snap. No more ringworm or flea infestations! Use a hose or commercial sink to clean multiple Kasas, assembly-line style. The stylish pillow beds included with the Bedroom model have removable covers, which can be machine washed and dried on a gentle cycle.

The Kitty Kasa Duro is tough enough to withstand the elements, giving your cats shade and shelter in any outdoor enclosure. Just make sure you’ve taken precautions to keep the bedding dry!

Kitty Kasa Duros are designed to stack together via matching roof and floor holes. They can be stacked three or more layers high, pyramid style and positioned to face front/rear or right/left, so they can be arranged in an efficient, space-saving multi-level structure.

The Duros come in Bedroom, Gym, and Recreation models. All three models can be stacked together for mix-and-match, on the fly creation of interesting spaces your residents will use to explore, hide, and play.

Kitty Kasas are for residental use in homes, offices and small foster/rescue programs. The feature sturdy, snap-together construction. Accessories include Penthaus Bed and Wall Mount Kits (more coming soon). Bedroom and Gym models are now availible. Recreation and Kitchen models coming in 2018. Kitty Kasas are compatible only with Kitty Kasa models and accessories, not with the Duro line.

Kitty Kasas "Duro" are for heavy duty use in shelters, boarding facilities, veterinary clinics, and outdoor/feral sanctuaries. The are made of a single piece of molded plastic with no seam construction for ease of cleaning and sanitizing. Bedroom, Gym and Recreation models are now availible. Kitty Kasas "Duro: are compatible only with Kitty Kasa "Duro" models. NOT compatible with the regular Kitty Kasa models or accessories.

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Our Customers!

"I have 16 Kitty Kasas, and I truly do love them! I do a ton of fostering of cats and kittens, and I love the fact that I can just take the Kasas out in the yard to hose them off and disinfect them, and they look good as new. (I’ve even replaced the sisal on the ones with the scratching post, which was easy to do.) My Cats really like them -- I even had one pregnant rescued kitty give birth in one! I also appreciate being able to rearrange them into different configurations or more them into different rooms.

Seriously. I adore them. Great Product! "

by: Cat Keepers