Our diamond in the rough.

We found this heavenly little creature trapped inside of an old car engine, so covered in grease that we had no idea her fur was white until we gave her a good old-fashioned scrub-down with Dawn dish-soap. As her true colors emerged, so did a happy, playful, inquisitive little beastie who’s never one to say no to a good ball of yarn. She’s now in a far better place than we found her, adopted by a very happy little girl. Her purr still kind of reminds us of that engine, though


Kitty Kasas mascot / unofficial dog

Seriously, he sleeps with our German Shepherds, eats dog food, and can’t get enough rawhide. Rescued from a high-kill shelter in Florida, Bob’s had enough stress for one lifetime (or 9), and is now all about chilling as hard as possible. Unless he’s hunting flies, you’ll find him lounging and graciously receiving scritches. He’s 20 pounds of pure love--just don’t call him a cat.


Named for a legendary UFC fighter

Chuck’s wicked right hook landed him back in the shelter multiple times. Cats, dogs, small bears--Chuck was not afraid to fight in any weight class. We tossed him into our thrift store one day to keep him from scrapping, and he took to it like a fighter to an octagon, posting up at the register and quickly establishing himself as a loveable customer favorite. He comes with the added benefit of being an unpaid security guard, just in case any bears wander in.


Step brothers

Rescued from the Florida swamplands, these step brothers ran out of the woods together, were adopted together, and have doing karate in the garage together ever since. We hear they’ve got big plans for this year’s Catalina Wine Mixer.


Our sophisticated lady

Persia was an 11th-hour rescue from a kill-shelter, and was very pregnant. VERY pregnant. Like, started-having-kittens-in-the-car pregnant. True story. She ended up with four beautiful kittens, and--because she’s a total badass--fostered another three. She was then adopted and moved to NYC, where her hard work and irrepressible class have been rewarded with a posh flat on 5th Avenue and a sexy new diamond collar. You earned it, sister.


A true artiste'

A refugee from Hurricane Katrina, this poetic soul jumped right off the street and into our car. When no owner could be located, she was adopted, and now lives with an artist her in a loft, where they combine their life experiences to create visual masterpieces--with intermittent breaks for snuggling, of course.


President of the Kitty Squad MC

This furry little bruiser was rescued from the streets of Miami, where it looked like he’d been in more than his share of back-alley brawls. After being nursed back to health, he was adopted as a shop kitty in a custom motorcycle garage. Now at an imposing 22 pounds, he’s just about big enough for a bike of his own, and he’s got more than enough crew to handle any future beef.


Maximum Relaximum

Rusty rescued this magnificent beast in Florida and flew him back to Cali, where he quickly adapted to the laid-back, outdoor lifestyle. This nature-aficionado loves to wander and dig his toes into the sand, but always returns home to his humans when he’s done.