My cat is approaching dog-size. Will they be able to fit? Yup! Our office kitty, Bob, is an extremely respectable 20 lbs, and he loves Kitty Kasas.

Will trying to assemble these make me wish I never bought them? Nope. They are super easy to build and shouldn’t take more than five minutes. If things do get weird somehow, we’re happy to steer you to victory. Feel free to contact us and check out our how-to video  

How do I clean these bad boys? Since Kitty Kasas are made with food-grade plastic, you can use any cleaning product, even straight bleach.

Does the pillow come with the bed, or is it just a clever sales ploy? Rejoice, it’s included!

Is the pillow washable? Totally, but we recommend air-drying it.

How large of a feline fortress can I build with these? Embrace your inner architect; just make sure you use wall-mounts of you go higher than 2 or 3 and want maximum stability.

Should I order the Kitty Kasa or Duro? We made the Duro for use in shelters, but if you want a totally indestructible product, this might be your jam. It’s all one piece, which means there’s no assembly, it’s super simple to clean, and it’s nearly indestructible.

Are Kitty Kasas and Duro series compatible? NO. Duro only fits with Duro, and the regular Kasas are only compatible with regular Kasas. Make sure you’re ordering compatible models, and feel free to hit us up with any questions!