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Kitty Kasas isn't your average DIY project gone wonderfully right. The Kitty Kasa was born out of a necessity to find functional, durable, modern, stylish, and easily cleanable cat furniture for shelters. (Yes, even shelter cats need a cool place to live!) With the struggle to keep so many cat beds and scratch posts clean and free from fleas and other yuck, shelters really needed something that they could rely on for their hundreds of visitors day in and day out. We filled that need for many shelters, and continue to do so by supporting the ARNI Foundation with proceeds from our sales.

Fast forward to 20 years of tried and tested product development - Kitty Kasas aren't just for shelters anymore! Our line of products range from bedrooms, gyms, and recreation, with enhancements and more products being developed. And they're for our awesome cat-loving customers and their furbabies.

Virtually indestructible, cute, easy to assemble, and available in a variety of colors, Kitty Kasas is where it's at for your cat!

About Nikki 

Photo of NikkiNikki started the Arni Foundation almost 20 years ago as a tribute to her mom “Arni.”  200,000 animal rescues later, she still does weekly rescues.  When not working with the animals, Nikki is likely to be found paddle boarding or mountain biking and spending time outdoors.

About Rusty

Photos of RustyRusty started to volunteer at the Arni Foundation after he met Nikki. A few cats of his own later, he now works timelessly to help rescue animals and runs our ArniSays pet division. When he’s not with the critters he likes to mountain bike, surf, snowboard and spend time with his family.

Check out the video below; it will tell you all you need to know about the work the Foundation does on behalf of animals.



Proceeds from all sales benefit not only the ARNI Foundation, but other non-profit animal rescue organizations to help provide fun, functional and low maintenance living and recreational environments for kitties, while also destigmatizing shelter adoption so more innocent lives can be saved.

 If you're interested in helping the Arni Foundation and Kitty Kasas in this endeavor, please feel free to visit the foundation for information on how to help.


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