Your cat is really a Chatty Cathy with some serious body language. Your cat is 'talking' to you all of the time, but are you picking up what they're throwing down? Do you know the meaning of tail twitches, eye dilation, ears up, ears down… the list goes on. It might be easier to figure out the meaning of life. Cats are very special animals with a myriad of communication styles. If you’re a very visual person, this fun cartoon layout may be just what you need. If you want more substance, we’ve broken down some of the more common cat body language cues.


Cats that head butt you, and try to rub against you are happy cats - and they just want to share the love. Not all cats are Don Juan’s; some cats won’t rub against you, but they exhibit other signs of happiness and contentment. If your cat decides to ball itself up and tuck everything in and around its body, the cat could be anxious or agitated. The nice thing is, there are several other ways to gauge your kitty’s health and happiness.


A cat’s tail is an excellent barometer of their happiness, contentment, and attitude at any given moment. Happy cats have tails that are slightly forward and held loosely behind them. A happy cat may hold their tail high and will a little curl at the end. Unhappy kitties will tuck their tails underneath them when they’re unsure or frightened, or they may hold it closely to their bodies. In times of distress they may forcefully flip their tail back and forth. The tail is a great visual cue to tune into how your cat is feeling at any given moment.


The ears are similar to the tail in the way that they show us just how the cat is feeling. Just like the tail, a more loose set of ears that are slightly tilted forward are a good sign that your cat is happy. Perky ears that are angled forward indicate that there is something really cool and interesting that has captured the cat’s attention. On the other end, ears that are pinned down, or rapidly moving, are a sign that something is amiss.

Bonus Quiz!

  1. If your cat has a bouncy tail, pep in their step, a nice purr going on, ears relaxed, and you could swear they’re grinning - how do they feel?
  2. Happy as a clam! Probably because they just got up from a nap in a Kitty Kasa...

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