Can cats and dogs be friends or does the old adage “to fight like cat and dog” make a friendship between the two species an impossibility? The Cambridge Dictionary states that to fight like cat and dog is “to have angry arguments all the time.” That doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven. However, there are lots of precious stories of canines and felines forging lasting, loving, friendships. Here are just a few, enjoy!

Little Raven and Woodhouse

Christina didn't believe in the fact that cats and dogs couldn’t be friends, and made it a life goal to have the two grow up together. Christina’s genius idea was to take her Tamaskan Husky puppy to a shelter in Texas and allow the dog to pick out her own new best friend. A little “fluff ball” named Woodhouse thought the puppy was pretty cool and the two became best friends. As Christina put it, Woodhouse not only got a BFF for life, but a forever home as well.

Ruth and Idgie

The pair, named after the Fried Green Tomatoes characters, were found in a pretty sad state. The two were abandoned and found in a driveway in Florida. Idgie was very protective of Ruth, who was paralyzed. The dachsund and the cat share everything, including toys, and lots of cuddles and kisses. The story is so special that they became an international sensation and even inspired their new owner to launch an organization dedicated to helping animals in need, Project Paws.

Henry and Baloo

Who says adventure is just for dogs? Henry the dog and Baloo the cat spend their free time roaming the Colorado wilderness with their adventure loving mom, Cynthia. Cynthia knew the pair had to come home with her after visiting the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue. Dog and cat barely had a day to get to know one another before they were fast friends. Baloo is learning how to adventure the right way with buddy Henry. The two even have a very popular Instagram account with over 680k followers. The two play dress up, hike, lounge, and swim through the great outdoors.

Dog and Cat Photos You Won’t Believe

Everyone loves cute kitten and puppy pics, and we don’t want to disappoint. Here is the most adorable compilation of cats and dogs defying anyone who thinks that different animals can’t be friends.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a new furry friend for just you, or introduce one to your other furry friends, these stories just go to show that cats and dogs can be best friends forever.

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