It's easy to neglect your self-care routine when going through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If we can draw any positives from practicing social distancing, putting self-care back to the top of our priority lists is definitely a huge plus side. Do you know who never forgets to put self-care first? Your cat! Our kitties are self-care connoisseurs, so, who better to get you back on the self-care bandwagon than your favorite feline? Simply follow your cat, and you'll be back to showing yourself some love in no time!



Nothing screams "zen" quite like when your cat is curled up on their favorite perch, eyes closed, purring their favorite tune. Meditation is key in any self-care routine, and our cats have it mastered! It puts your mind and body at ease, leaving you in a perfectly relaxed state. For quick and easy meditation tips, look to your cat. Get in a comfortable spot, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and hum to yourself or just sit in silence. This will leave you with a mental blank slate and ready for relaxation!

Yoga Session

No one appreciates a good stretch quite as much as our cats do. Whether it be on their cat trees, scratching posts, or some of our favorite furniture, cats always find the time and a place to stretch it out. Once your mind is at ease from completing your meditation session, putting your body at ease is the next step. Practicing some simple stretches and yoga poses is a good way to do this. For those who haven't tried yoga before, try mimicking some of the stretches that your cat does, or check out these simple yoga poses for beginners!

Bath Time

Even though our idea of a bath is a pure nightmare for most cats, they still manage to give themselves constant baths and keep clean. This self-care step is never spared in our cat's routine, and shouldn't be spared in ours either. Now we shouldn't have to say this, but please disregard your cat's method of bathing and stick to the tub instead. A warm bubble bath with a soothing body scrub will help ease the tension in your muscles and allow you to continue down the path to relaxation town.

Treat Yo-Self

Our cats never pass up the opportunity to treat themselves to something tasty! Homemade or store bought, our kitties are always willing to sample whatever is on the menu. Now more than ever, it is important that we take the time to savor some treats of our own. It has always been easier to pass up on sampling our favorite snack because we are "too busy," but now we have an excuse to take the time to relax and enjoy our treat of choice. This can serve as a reminder that quarantine life can still be sweet!

Cat Nap It Up

It's called a cat nap for a reason, and that's because cats are true nap-time aficionados. Anytime and anywhere, cats always know the value of catching some z's. If you've always been jealous of your cat for having all that time to sleep, well now is your time to join them! Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health and is one of the best self-care activities that you can do for yourself. Be sure to get a solid eight hours a night and pair that with a cat nap here and there for a little added rejuvenation.


We know that being away from friends, family, and our normal daily routines can be a drag, so that is why self-care is more important than ever at this time! Keeping yourself clean, healthy, and in a positive mood is crucial to getting through social-distancing and coming out on top. Take it from your cat, a regular self-care routine should really be at the center of all that you do. It's times like these that prove cats are indeed the superior species of the world (something they've known all along). So, follow the lead of your furry quarantine buddies and practice some self-love while you have this extra time to nama-stay inside.

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