Sayonara, 2020! This year sure has been rough, so we can't say that we're sad to see it go. With all of the curveballs this crazy year has thrown us, one positive has been the amount of quality time we have been able to spend with our cats. Many of you have even added a new furry family member to your home. While we might be itching to jump back into our normal routines, we can't forget about the very special kitties that have gotten us through our craziest year yet.

As restaurants and bars start to open up, curfews begin to lift, and work starts asking you to clock in some hours at the office, remember that your cat still needs that extra attention that they've surely grown accustomed to. Prioritize playtime, enrichment activities, and cuddles. Remember that experiencing a huge shift in having you home less often could be detrimental to your cat, causing separation anxiety and behavioral problems. Mitigate their anxiety as much as possible by making the time with your cat really count. 

Although we have been keeping our cats company this year, they have been keeping us sane. We are all ready to welcome 2021 with open arms, but keep in mind one valuable lesson that 2020 has taught us; our cats aren't our pets, they are family, and should always be treated as such. 


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