Kitty Kasas are not only cozy hideaways for your cats but are designed to be stylish pieces of furniture to go with any home décor! Coming in several different colors, Kitty Kasas can be incorporated into your home seamlessly. Follow these tips and tricks and watch just how quickly your Kitty Kasas can be more than just a home for your cat, but a part of your interior design.




With Kitty Kasas modern style and clean lines, they’re a minimalist's perfect match. Kitty Kasas are stackable and come in neutral color options to fit into a monochromatic color palette. On the other hand, you can use Kitty Kasas as a functional piece of furniture that brings a small pop of color to your space. Compared to other cat trees and towers, Kitty Kasas are sleek and unimposing, allowing them to complement an uncluttered space rather than add to it.




Mid-Century Modern

For mid-century modern style homes, Kitty Kasas are a no-brainer when it comes to cat furniture. They’re made of a lightweight, but durable plastic that can accompany more natural, wooden materials to give that mix-matched material look of a mid-century styled room. Pink or lime green Kitty Kasas can help to reflect more saturated colors of the early 20th century.




A contemporary home reflects a warmer version of the modern style, with a focus on clean lines and textures. Contemporary style is timeless and so are Kitty Kasas! Their smooth, geometric silhouettes make them perfect statement pieces for fitting into contemporary décor without the room looking cluttered. White and dark grey Kitty Kasas can be used to keep a concise color palette that’s easy on the eyes.



Modern Farmhouse

With any modern décor, practicality is key and your cat’s furniture doesn’t have to be the exception. Kitty Kasas are a great, practical play area and bed for your cat. White and dark grey units can fit into any neutral palette, so that each room feels light and airy. Place Kitty Kasas against more natural objects such as exposed brick walls to work with the architecture and add to that modern look.



Bohemian Chic

A more relaxed and less defined style, bohemian designs reflect a multitude of different patterns, textures and colors. Kitty Kasas can be made into a fun, mix-and-match color spectrum to add to your room by using units from white and taupe to lime green and teal. Handmade or thrifted textiles like wool or felt blankets can be used within Kitty Kasa Bedrooms or Penthauses to bring personal touches of your style together even more. Assemble Kitty Kasas next to large faux or pet-safe indoor plants for an even more natural look.



Scandinavian Modern

Another clean interior design look that usually has an emphasis on white walls. This style focuses a lot on mod furniture, which is exactly how Kitty Kasas was designed! Because of this, using fixtures like Kitty Kasas Wall Mounts to place standard units on can keep spaces feeling airier and cozier. Hang them in areas where there is a lot of natural light to emphasize the feeling of openness while also giving your kitty the best sunny spot in the house!


No matter what your design choice is, Kitty Kasas are sure to fit into any room that is comfortable for you and your cat to enjoy.

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