With 2020 continuing to throw us perpetual curveballs, this Thanksgiving is gearing up to be the most abnormal one that any of us have experienced. Our traditional family gatherings to celebrate one of our most beloved holidays are either severely downsized or canceled all together.

With our Thanksgiving tables being smaller, it's only natural to want to include our feline friends into family dinner. While sharing a Thanksgiving meal with your cat instead of your relatives may be tempting, it's important to know the do's and don'ts of sharing certain thanksgiving favorites with your feline friend.


DO give your cat boneless, skinless turkey with no gravy.
DON'T allow your cat to have any turkey that has been seasoned, basted, covered in butter, or containing skin or bones.



DO give your cat a tiny bit of completely plain-Jane mashed potatoes.
DON'T allow your cat to have any mashed potatoes that contain alliums (garlic, onions, scallions, leeks, etc.), butter, sour cream, or cheese.



DO give your cat pureed cranberries with no sugar or other sweeteners added.
DON'T allow your cat to have traditional cranberry sauce containing sugar or other additives. 


Green Beans

DO give your cat soft-baked green beans with no butter or alliums added.
DON'T allow your cat to have green bean casserole or green beans baked with loads of butter or alliums. 



DO give your cat soft-baked squash with no butter, oil, or seasoning.
DON'T allow your cat to have undercooked squash cooked with butter, oil, or alliums.



DO give your cat soft-baked carrots with no butter, oil, or seasoning.
DON'T allow your cat to have undercooked carrots cooked with butter, oil, or alliums.



DO give your cat plain, pureed pumpkin.
DON'T allow your cat to have pumpkin pie or any other type of pumpkin desert.


Although the idea of sharing your plate with your cat this Thanksgiving sounds like the best alternative to getting together with your family, just remember to follow these rules to make them their very own feline-friendly Thanksgiving feast!



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