Does your kitty act as if they belong on a reality show? There are some pretty famous cats out there on the internet, and there’s also no shortage of cats making the news. Maybe your kitty is prepping for their 15 minutes of fame just like these three; Bruno, Zeke, and our other feline friend all the way in Russia!


Have you heard of Bruno?

Last month the story of the massive tomcat named Bruno went viral. Bruno, the “high-maintenance” 25-pound black cat, ended up in an animal shelter in Illinois. Bruno's shelter, Wright Way Rescue, wrote a very clever introduction on Facebook to get the cutie adopted. It wasn’t just the cute face that got everyone's attention, but the photo of Bruno lounging back on his hind legs that sealed the deal. Writing the post from Bruno’s view, which covered specific requests including (but not limited to) being pet during mealtimes, the water bowl to be placed away from his food in a separate room, and lots of tummy scratches.

Cat Call from Zeke

Zeke, a shelter kitty from Sarasota, Florida used his digits to dial e-meowgency dispatchers. Dispatchers picked up the call but received no response (clearly Zeke can dial but can’t talk). Anticipating the worst, the dispatcher’s got a hold of the rescue center. Volunteers were totally baffled by the call but they later realized that Zeke had been the one responsible for the phone call. He was later caught red-handed, draped across the phone, with the receiver off the hook.

A Real Cat Burglar

This stray tabby cat from Russia had no fear of jail time when she snuck into a Vladivostok International Airport shop and ate her way through £700 (about $922 USD) worth of seafood. She can be seen on footage slinking into the shop while it was open, where unsuspecting staff didn’t know she was there and locked her inside when they went home for the day. This hungry feline continued her feast and was more than happy to be the reality star when the airport staff finally found her. Since her story went viral, the cat has become a local celebrity and has been given to Admiral Vladivostok, a professional ice hockey club in the Kontinental Hockey League, becoming the team’s official mascot.


As light-hearted and hilarious these kitty shenanigans are, make sure your kitty stays entertained and off the streets with one of our Kitty Kasas! For more information or feedback, please contact us.

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