• Single piece mold

• Virtually indestructible

• Lifetime guarantee! 


These are just a few of the comments we have recieved and we'd love to hear what you think. 


"We are so happy with our Kitty Kasas and look forward to introducing our newest litter of foster kittens to them as soon as they are ready. I just love being able to have play pieces for the cats that I can confidently sanitize for everyone’s benefit."

Shanta Siegler, Animal Planet Star (Arkadiy and Ariadne Guardian)

Kitty Kasas are the perfect multi-use furniture piece for our Happy Cat Hotel Franchises. Cozy, climbable, cleanable, and durable, we feature them in all of our rooms in all our facilities. Most importantly, our kitty guests LOVE them!”

Chris Raimo, President, Happy Cat Hotel

The Kasas are super easy to clean and very durable! We are so happy that we have a Kitty Kasa Duro for every cat in our adoption center!

Christie Arlotta, Executive Director, Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society

We use the Kitty Kasas Bedroom for cats in our adoption center. The cubby gives shy cats a cozy place to hide away and active cats a structure to play on, in, and around.

Corinne Bourgoin, Shelter Operations Coordinator, MSPCA Boston Adoption Center

We love the Kitty Kasas. When a cat crawls in they feel safe and secure. Having something that is easy to clean and disinfect is very important in a hospital.

John Pisciotta, Veterinarian, Rye Harrison Veterinary Clinic


Kitty Kasas isn’t your typical pet product company; the whole reason we exist is to support shelters and help kitties in need. Our products, while beautiful and well-made, are really just a vehicle to move our philanthropic efforts. That means you can be happy in the knowledge that your kitty won’t be the only one that benefits from your purchase.

A portion of all proceeds from the Kitty Kasa collection go directly to the ARNI foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the rescue of animals at local kill shelters, and the rescue of abuse & cruelty cases. ARNI also provides low-cost shot clinics and low-cost flea & tick medications to the public. We also pick one shelter every month and help them renovate their kitty room, creating safe and fun spaces worthy of their wonderful little tenants. We’re gathering new partner companies all the time--your Kitty Kasas purchase isn’t just making your little buddies’ lives better, it’s funding a movement to help their brothers and sisters all over the world.

All of our work with shelters actually gives our products a huge advantage. Along with over 20 years of experience with every kind of kitty you can imagine, we have unlimited, willing participants to test out our new toys. Not only do you get a product that’s built to last, you help build a better future for kitties everywhere. We’d call that a win/win!

If you’re inspired to get involved directly with our rescue efforts, just click here to apply to our shelter re-do program.